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Vincent Kompany says real racism lies with the football authorities

Vincent Kompany considers after former Romelu Lukaku became the latest victim of abuse, racism that is actual lies with the football authorities.
Lukaku was exposed through the 2-1 Serie A victory of Inter Milan over Cagliari on Sunday.
The chants can be heard before and after the striker scored a penalty in the 72nd minute to win this game.
Inter lovers have since defended their Cagliari counterparts, asserting the chants weren’t intended to be racist.
Kompany considers the problem lies in the fact organisations throughout the planet are not only out of touch but lack the diversity that is essential to tackle the issue correctly.
“It goes back to who’s predicted to make a decision on these issues, and it is in these organisations the problems lie,” Kompany told Sky Sports News.
“The true racism lies in the fact none of these institutions have representatives that could actually comprehend what Romelu (Lukaku) is moving through.
“You are working with a bunch of people and decision-makers who are telling him how he must feel and think about this when you have no decision-makers that are remotely in touch with what he has experienced in his lifetime.
“That is the real problem, if you go through the planks at UEFA or FIFA, the Italian League or even the English League There’s a real shortage of diversity
“If you do not have diversity in places of power like boardrooms then you can not have the right choices concerning sanctions – it’s a simple as that.”
Kompany was speaking exclusively during the statement Sky Sports would be revealing his Manchester City testimonial.
Kompany played with with 360 matches for City after connecting from Hamburg in 2008, winning four Premier League titles, two FA Cups and four League Cups across the way – like one of every previous season, before choosing to depart to become player-coach in Anderlecht this summer.
With an all-star line-up featuring the likes of Mario Balotelli, Cesc Fabregas and Thierry Henry, it promises to become a night for the Belgian say a farewell in addition to to renew old acquaintances, rivalries.
“I’ve had such a special time in City and the testimonial is not too much a match I am simply awaiting for myself, it is an opportunity to say goodbye,” Kompany said.
“The team have been fantastic to me and I’ve always provided everything I’ve had and this game is because of them.
“The fact it’s for charity is valuable to me as well – it’s part of Tackle4MCR that’s hoping to have an impact on the homeless in Manchester.
“I’ve been blessed to grow and grow from town and it is unrecognisable from 11 decades ago when I first joined but it also seems to have abandoned a lot of people behind as well.
“It just feels like something we’ve got a duty to try and affect and what a terrific opportunity to do it through soccer.”
Vincent Kompany’s Testimonial Match will be shown live on Sky Sports Premier League on Wednesday, September 11 by 7pm.

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