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Swinton to be renamed Manchester Lions to broaden appeal of club

Swinton Lions have unveiled plans to rebrand as Manchester Lions for the 2020 season.
The Championship club have submitted an application for a change of title although officials insist that they will keep their Swinton identity by maintaining the exact colors and like the return of the renowned white’V’ on the blue top.
Swinton state the shift is needed to capitalise on the 2021 World Cup and to guarantee the club’s financial equilibrium by broadening its appeal, with the City of Manchester Council and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council.
A statement from the team said:”This choice is definitely not for shareholder gain, but against the legitimate requirement to secure a future of the club and save it from extinction.
“It’s also worth noting that the board have rejected several business approaches to unite other clubs at the immediate ago but these approaches are rejected since they were speculative and will do nothing to safeguard the lineage of the Lions as a stand-alone historic club.
“The plank firmly feel there is a significant chance to broaden the appeal of Swinton by getting THE rugby league club of Manchester.”
Swinton, who left their Station Road ground 27 decades ago, say long-standing plans to construct a new residence are unlikely to come to fruition and the club will continue to play with at Heywood Road in Sale.

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