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Rugby World Cup: Japan rejoices with historic Scotland win after typhoon casualties

Sky Sports News reporter James Cole reflects Japans victory over Scotland which sealed his Rugby World Cup quarter-final appearance as Typhoon Hagibis left a path of destruction.
The emotion shown itself together with scenes of fans leaving the stadium in tears after what was really, really horrible 24 hours to this country.
It felt like that emotion came pouring out through the evening, a launch of emotion and tension that had built up since Typhoon Hagibis approached within the Yokohama Stadium.
The moments silence in memory of people who lost their lives because typhoon was observed you could hear a pin drop within the stadium.
Then came the Japanese national anthem which was sung with gusto and emotion. As that anthem rang across the scene as the number of lost and presumed dead in the typhoon rose, it had been spine-tingling.
And from the kick-off, the walls of sound, the passion that the Japanese fans expressed behind their team took that Japan played that game with. Every time Japan made a fracture, or even a handle, or a turnover, the noise just was phenomenal.
You merely felt from fans we found outside the scene with a number of the response, that what it offered was a tiny bit of pleasure. It was all an illustration of how sport for a nation can provide some pleasure in times. The scenes outside the stadium spoke for themselves.
Afterwards, the win was dedicated by captain Michael Leach . He talked stating they just wanted to provide some pleasure back and the events and by what occurred have motivated them – .
Youre able to see it as well by the operation in and around the scene before the clash. So they were ready to drain flood water in the dressing rooms and spray on debris out of the pitch workers slept throughout the storm overnight at the scene.
You wouldnt have known a typhoon had struck when we arrived in Yokohama. I really dont believe any other nation on earth could point an international sporting event 24 hours after a typhoon struck its venue – the biggest in the history for 60 years of the country.
The fans really have got the entire tournament as a complete, although behind not just the Japanese – and theyve made history, theyve progressed into the quarter-finals.
You get this feeling of that support behind them being just like a 16th person if you prefer, and you do wonder whether they could beat South Africa. In Brighton at the final World Cup it was referred to as a wonder when they turned on the Springboks.
I really dont think it will be such a surprise this time – yes, it will be a shock, yes they will be underdogs, but currently theres belief both one of their fans and the players they can do anything very special.

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