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Peter Keane reluctant to focus on long-term positives after All-Ireland final loss

In the end, it was an request Kerry. Their resistance waned after hanging Dublin for the drawn game and the first half of this playoff.
There are several positives for the Munster county, while they face into a winter in which they’ll rue their missed chance, and the future will be bright.
But , it was scant consolation for Peter Keane.
“You are not too worried about going forward now,” that the Kerry manager explained at total time. “You are just frustrated with the result and you fret about that in the upcoming few months or weeks.”
However, he does understand that the Kingdom are not far away from the mandatory standard.
“It’s disappointing, we dropped the league closing here and we have lost an All-Ireland final here. But seem that happens,” he lamented.
“There has been lots of learning. It was a year which looking into championship, what were the best six teams in the championship? We drew with. We drew with. Tyrone, we beat. Ourselves. Cork we had beaten in the Munster Championship. We’d beaten in Killarney.
“Therefore there was clearly no easy route to this to get a young group and you would expect they learn from this. But we’re reasonably happy but you are not pleased to lose an All-Ireland final.
“If you want to set a positive spin on it, then you’re thinking that although in the close of the day you’ve dropped an All-Ireland closing and you go off and you lick your wounds and gather your self and come at it next year.”
The Cahirciveen indigenous questioned the timing of the replay, also paid tribute to the followers of the team.
He said:”In Kerry they completely got behind this team, actually between the draw and the playoff, the colours that came out, the signs that came out and the service that has been there. They only have been captivated by this team and the youth of them.
“Of course young lads were planning to make mistakes but they had been backing them every which way they could. What exactly are we here at six on a Saturday evening which is a time to play with an All-Ireland final replay. They came out, you have people who will be heading home in the road tonight to Cahirciveen or even Valentia Island and they won’t be home until three or even four in the afternoon. They came out and they have supported this team in good numbers.”
He reserved the victors, who achieved an unparalleled fifth All-Ireland title of Kerry praise.
“They are after winning five All-Irelands in a row, it is a historic day,” mentioned Keane. “Regardless of what was going to happen now, they were going to win five or not win five. There was going to be background one way or another. And look you have to compliment them and congratulate them on their achievement.”
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