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Patrick Mahomes shedding ‘baby fat’ in offseason

Offseason stories about NFL players are tropey narratives regurgitated on the routine. Many times they have to do with an over-heavy lineman shedding pounds or a running back getting back to salvage his waning career.
You don’t hear a reigning MVP-winning quarterback about getting into shape, with athleticism talk and a rifle-rocket arm.
Patrick Mahomes isn’t your normal MVP. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback told Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports on shedding body fat this offseason, he’s focused.
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“I have gotten more muscular and [have] less baby fat, I guess you would say,” Mahomes advised Paylor. “So that has been the big thing for me sculpting my own body in the simplest way possible so that I can go throughout the entire year and feel as fresh at the end as I did at the start.”
Mahomes, like many exercise artists throughout the summer months, tweaked his workouts to sculpt muscle while shedding the fat.
“For me personally, offseason-training wise, it’s about trying to specify [my body]… trying to be sure I’m in the best shape possible, nutritionally and physically and mentally,” Mahomes said. “So the big thing for me this offseason going in was, I always wanted to gain muscle but in the exact same time, cut back weight. Kind of a mix of both.”
Mahomes’ objective is to drop three to five percent body fat from the time training camp opens July 26.
“The lowest I had been last year after coaching camp was 12 percent, and that is very great,” Mahomes said. “But my objective is to be in the single digits, so I’m gonna attempt to get as low as I possibly can while still being healthy and still having the human body to have the ability to bring a full season.”
After Mahomes tossed for 5,097 yards and 50 TDs to win the MVP trophy in his first full season as a starter, many analysts project that the K.C. QB to come back to the earth in 2019. Mahomes is working to ensure he remains one of the stars that are glowing.

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