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Neil Lennon: Celtic players would walk off if racially abused against Lazio

Celtic players would inspire if they are ever subjected to racist abuse to walk off the pitch.
The matter is back in the news following the 6-0 win over Bulgaria on Monday of England, when England’s players have been racially abused.
The players of england twice believed walking off the pitch in protest but opted to trace UEFA’s anti-racism protocols, together with the referee requesting a public address announcement to be made ordering the abuse.
Celtic boss Lennon worries there might”possibly” be similar issues if the Hoops trip Lazio at the Europa League following month.
The match will be played in a partially closed stadium after UEFA found guilty of racist behaviour their fans during the 2-1 Europa League victory on French club Rennes in the Stadio Olimpico.
“I would not discourage any player from walking off the pitch when he’s becoming abused,” Lennon said, preparing for the trip of Ross County at the Ladbrokes Premiership on Saturday.
“I would encourage it since in the end of the day it’s pointing out there is a wrong and all of us must do a tiny bit more to block it.
“And for all the people it is private and it’s quite hurtful.”
The three-step protocol of UEFA was implemented in Bulgaria although not accepted to its end of the match.
A lot of the debate since has concentrated on whether or not Gareth Southgate’s gamers have to have taken things in their own hands and walked off.
Asked about the possibility of having to think about walking off in Rome, along with his thoughts about that, Lennon said:”it is a hypothetical question but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
“We’ll be guided from the team and individuals behind the scenes until we take to the pitch, therefore it’s tough to say what we could do in these circumstances.
“We have had a few warnings about it earlier but mercifully there has been none of this manifest itself so far.
“I find it bitterly disappointing that some of the stadium is going to be shut.
“This is a true shame as it is a true pirate game for us, one we are all looking forward to, seeing Rome and playing with a wonderful Italian side, therefore it has really taken away the sweetness of everything.”
Lennon was also dismayed after Celtic were fined 12,000 euros (Number 10,400) by UEFA following their supporters set off fireworks in the 2-0 Europa League win over Cluj before this month.
It’s the 2nd fine Celtic have obtained that this season after they have been penalized for lovers putting off flares and pitching objects throughout the 4-1 Europa League play-off second-leg triumph over AIK in August.
Lennon’s advice to the supporters of Celtic was straightforward.
“Stop it,” he explained. “We’ve got sufficient colour, atmosphere and sound in the scene. So it is not performing the club any good, we got fined. I do not actually see the interest of pyrotechnics from the arena.”

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