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Mark Wood column: ‘Ben Stokes trains harder, eats more & has worst music taste of anyone I know’

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Since Ben Stokes was playing with among those Test innings, almost keeping England in the Ashes, that I was in a ante-natal class.
Chris Woakes, Jos Buttler along with Jonny Bairstow were out when I left the house and that I did not think England had much of a Opportunity. Since I was learning just how to place on nappies and babygrows, I couldn’t determine how they were going to get on the line.
There was phone sign in the hospital. It was just when I came out that I got these messages -“Stokesy, Stokesy, Stokesy!”
I got back as quickly as I could to watch the highlights, and don’t think I spoke to my wife all the way home.
Naturally, I was astonished at what occurred – .
These minutes seem to be created for Stokesy, although clearly, the England group is full of cricketers that are special. He wants to put himself in those situations. Whether it’s batting he would like to be.
He’s got an immense quantity of self-belief. It’s not arrogance, but a confidence in his ability.
There were times previously when England teams felt overawed by the likes of Australia, but Stokesy will back himself to succeed whatever the competitions.
A lot of this is down to his own preparation. He is therefore ready and trains so tough.
All the England team put the campaign in during practice – but Stokesy always does more.
For example, I am a bowler. I’ll do my own bowling I’ll have about 10 minutes in the nets.
Stokesy can do 40 minutes into a hour batting do batting. He’ll do half an hour fielding, subsequently bowl for 45 minutes.
Not only that, but he will stay to work on something specific. That focusing on getting to the ball and releasing it immediately, all at coincide intensity, or may be taking 10 extra grabs.
Even like Sri Lanka, the hottest, most sweaty location Stokesy can do all of that – then go back to the hotel gym and perform 30 sprints on the treadmill.
He will get through all of that work because he chooses on fuel that is so much. I’m telling you, I haven’t seen anybody order as much food at a restaurant as Stokesy.
There’s not a crumb and should you attempt to take anything off his plate, then he’ll get your fingers off. He’s like Joey from Friends – Stokesy doesn’t share food.
It’s exactly the same when he goes into the cinema (he loves the Avengers movies ). Many individuals today take in sweets, popcorn or ice cream in together. Everything will be taken by stokesy in – and demolish the whole lot.
He’s happy getting to a box set. If he finds he will watch. For whatever reason, he’s into murder mysteries and crime shows.
Does he see themhe then tells what about them to you. On the staff bus, he will rattle off their mom’s maiden names, the characters and the storyline. Fundamentally, once Stokesy has advised you there’s no need for you to watch it.
Where there can be a winner and a loser, he competitive in whatever. When his character is not doing what he needs, While I play Mario Kart with him and Joe Root, Stokesy will scream at the TV.
If he plays with golf, he uses as a means those juices bubble off.
1 day through the World Cup, Stokesy and Tom Curran and 54 holes played with . But they did it three different courses. A round on one course, drive into another. Then another class, eighteen more holes.
I don’t think TC has played because because he was shattered.
It is his preference in music, When there’s one drawback about Stokesy. He says my songs is outdated, but it’s really a great mix. He’s got a thing for house music that has the car.
Back in the day, we used to trail trip together. There was only one night once I had been driving and Stokesy needed his music banging away.
He dropped asleep, so that I thought:’If I could get the cable, then I can get my music on.’
Stokesy had dropped asleep hugging his phone so that I couldn’t change the songs.
As soon as I woke up him, he went ballistic, telling me that the home tunes helped him sleep. I had to buy him one of his favorite things – that a carton of milk (full fat, he drinks loads of the stuff) – to have him back onside.
Back when we were in the Durham academy together, public speaking would have been away from.
When he speaks, everybody listens.
People talk of being a leader, which is accurate, but he’s also extremely true, a team-mate who always has your back. Stokesy wants the best for everyone and he’s always happy to assist others.
To this England power and conditioning trainer, I talked after that success in Headingley. He explained the euphoria around the team was similar to the World Cup closing.
Since there are two Tests to go however there was a very feeling throughout the Leeds triumph.
England have to get their heads back at work, and that’s exactly what Stokesy will do.
Mark Wood was speaking to BBC Sport’s Stephan Shemilt.
Why was Ben Stokes’ Test at Headingley the exciting England win of time?
Analysis and view from the cricket correspondent of the BBC.

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