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Lewis Hamilton says title chase stopped Charles Leclerc collision

Lewis Hamilton says he would not have backed from his scrap by Charles Leclerc in the GP and the set”would have collided” – when he wasn’t chasing a sixth Formula 1 name.
The Mercedes driver had been thrown off the track and needed to cut across the area to avoid contact and the group went wheel-to-wheel approaching the second chicane, although hamilton was searching down race-winner Leclerc for much of Grand Prix enthralling.
Hamilton queries judgment that is Leclerc
FIA describe Leclerc’yellow card’
An accident would probably have ruined both motorists’ races, and Mercedes manager Toto Wolff asserted that Hamilton”was instrumental in not making it an incident”.
But asked if he’d have done anything differently when the F1 2019 tournament was resolved, Hamilton confessed:”I wouldn’t have moved. We’d have ”
As he looks to become only the second driver in F1 history with six crowns, hamilton has been 63 points ahead of nearest challenger Valtteri Bottas with seven races left.
“The driver which goes for the Drivers’ Championship saved Charles and saved himself,” added Wolff, who felt Leclerc’s moves were”possibly over the line”.
“Lewis understood exactly what he was doing, he didn’t lose any bits or parts in that incident, but he could have equally decided,’I am not going to let this happen’, and put the two cars outside.”
Hamilton looking forward to conflicts that are Leclerc
Hamilton contested the stewards’ decision not to inflict a brand new penalty on Leclerc and branded the driving as”reckless” on team radio – but later insisted that he had no issue with”one of the very respectful drivers” in Leclerc.
“There is no lack of respect,” Hamilton told reporters. “We don’t have a issue, we aren’t in a struggle, I congratulated him when he got out of the car.
“Charles is among the most respectful drivers. This is the very first time that I have gone wheel-to-wheel together with him, and using a new driver, you learn how they approach situations that are different and perhaps position your vehicle next time. Perhaps I’ll do a better job next time.”
Hamilton continued:”There’s zero issue with us, he did an outstanding job and I don’t have any issue with it, it’s what it really is.
“I haven’t talked to him and also we don’t have a problem but when we get an instant together we may chat, only reverse roles and be sure that he is cool that when I’m able and that happens and that’s cool and that’s how we’re rushing.
“Out of what I know going into the race you’re supposed to leave a difference, today I really don’t know whether that is true. But it’s good that we can race hard and now proved to be.
“We’ll continue to race and I’m looking forward to a lot more races ”
Hamilton happy to’race such as this’
Leclerc has been given the black flag by race stewards, F1’s version of a’yellow card’, and Wolff stated he believes that rule will make contact between the motorists”common practice”.
But when it came to penalties and rules, while Hamilton called for consistency, he said he’s happy to race hard.
“If that is the way we’re allowed to race then I will race like that,” he said. “As long as you understand that you are permitted to not leave a car width by way of instance, as long as you aren’t contradicting us and there is a very clear message.
“So you are allowed to run wide even if a person is there and you only get a warning sign, and you simply require that once to potentially maintain the man behind you.
“As long since it’s apparent that that’s how moving forward it’s ok so I understand how to enter battle and it’s the exact same for all of the drivers.”
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