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Lewis Hamilton has Ferrari ‘option’ but no desire to leave Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has confessed that joining Ferrari stays a potential solution for him in the future but is not sure whether the move a part of the F1″game strategy” – with the Mercedes driver stating that”loyalty is crucial”.
Although Hamilton has made no secret of his admiration for Ferrari although Hamilton is signed until the end of 2020 in Mercedes, a between the five-time world winner along with the sport group has been mooted.
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Mercedes even disclosed the prospect of Hamilton was discussed in their contract talks last year.
Upon coming at Monza, the Scuderia’s famous house F1 track, Hamilton stated he still receives messages by Ferrari fans asking him to joinbut was non-committal on his potential when requested by Sky F1 if the switch”tempts” him.
“I don’t know if it’s all about being tempted, it’s all about whether or not it’s a part of the game program,” answered Hamilton, who then explained how significant”history” and”devotion” are to him Mercedes, who he included in 2013.
“I was merely asked the question:’How would you feel if you finished your career with no at Ferrari?’ . And honestly when you are a part of Mercedes you are a part of a family for a life – providing you stay with them.
“If you have a look in Stirling Moss, then you’ve got Juan Manuel Fangio who is still honoured within the family. You’re a part of the history and they care for you for the remainder of your life.
“That is important to me personally, loyalty is a very key component.
“However, if there is a stage in my life where I decide that I wish to modify, then [Ferrari] possibly could be an option.”
Hamilton added to colleagues that Ferrari are now settled together with”two good drivers” in Sebastian Vettel along with Charles Leclerc, who he’s been particularly impressed with his rookie year.
“They have two motorists there today,” explained Hamilton. “I am sure they’re pleased with their youthful star that they’ve got coming up and now I am super excited to see how he progresses.”
Hamilton has won four of his five names and is the favorite to maintain a sixth in 2019, now holding a 65-point lead with eight races.
Ferrari sealed their first victory of the season past weekend in Belgium but nevertheless return to their residence Italian GP under stress.
The group have not won at Monza – together with Mercedes winning the past five races there – while their last drivers’ and constructors’ titles came in 2008 and 2007 respectively.
Hamilton believes that barren run is one of the reasons fans are calling for his trademark.
“They have never had a championship obviously since 2007 so there’s that yearning that all fans have of seeing their favorite team succeed,” he said.
“I’m convinced they’re just relating this to the simple fact I’ve won the championship the last few years.”
The Tifosi, ferrari’s ardent fans, will soon probably be out in force again this weekend however, earlier, he considers the relationship is improving, though Hamilton was booed on the podium.
“I think that it’s grown a lot over the years however, it takes a long time to shift perception,” he explained.
“We come here and you stand together with the podium and 90 per cent plus are all Ferrari fans. We’ve come here and I have created the weekend maybe not so good for Ferrari fans with Mercedes on the top step.
“However, I appreciate and admire them a huge amount and, in reality, if I come here lots of Ferrari fans actually ask me to come to Ferrari. And I get a lot of Ferrari fans who say,’I’m a Ferrari fan but I admire you’.
“I think it’s growing gradually, bit by little bit. However, it would never be the same as if I was driving to get a Ferrari team.”
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