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Jason Roy: We are determined to level Ashes series and I know where I need to improve in Test cricket

In his latest Sky Sports column, Jason Roy discusses England’s Ashes disappointment,” trying to enhance along with the team’s determination to level the series at The Oval…
I’m gutted, to be honest. I went to bed before day five Manchester understanding I had a lot to prove and wanting to do that. I batted for an hour and a halfwas feeling good and beginning to think so it was very disappointing to get out, we’d draw on the Exam.
Was incredible, then for us to hold on as long as we did. We’ve lost the chance however we revealed struggle that was so much at Old Trafford on the day and we all still have a chance to draw the collection. If Australia quit having drawn on the show, instead of won it, then which would be a plus for us given the position.
We spoke after the game and there was lots of emotion, people were very down, we have worked through the summer and to be in this situation, naturally we are down.
The response was that make certain they only leave with a draw, that is all that is on our heads and we have to turn around it at The Oval, it’s certainly what’s in my mind. We wish to draw on the collection. If we are able to do that, contrary to a great Australia facet it may not be just what we needed but it is a pretty good summer.
Batting in the middle-order I had much more of a understanding of the way I had to go in my innings. I’d not done it earlier in red-ball cricket, Intro I didn’t really know the right mindset to get.
At No 4 I might be and just play, even though at the next innings the plan had been to bat daily and the number of runs wasn’t significant, it was balls faced. I was nevertheless at the first over.
I’m the first to criticise myself and I know that I have got a great deal of work to perform. It is an optional training session today because I understand what I want to do in order to improve as a Test cricketer but I am going in and now I have to work on those things.
It isn’t important whether you are opening the batting order or batting lower down the order, you need to be a lot tighter.
I think I got out in Old Trafford, particularly the one to balls that were good I got out of Pat Cummins in second innings. There has been a whole lot of talk about my bat being a very long way away from my pad however if the ball had not have seamed as much as it did so it is immaterial in my front foot would be it would have struck my bat.
I’m only putting my head around exactly what I need to focus on, not being overly hard while still being honest with myself. I’ve got a great connection with Graham Thorpe as a trainer, and outside the area for a friend.
He’s in a position to be honest with me and I’m in a position to tell the truth with him I’ll put some work in now and see where I end up. I got a lot of work to perform, although I had been a bit more comfortable at No 4.
In a series such as the Ashes you are playing. Back in Manchester, it had been the time that I have needed to go in at the end of the afternoon and face so or seven overs.
I am proud of the way I have dealt with that situation and it is a case of getting some big runs on the board. Without that it counts for nothing, I have to set some scores on the plank, although I can handle that pressure and that environment.
No one is shying away from the fact that the team are all incredible, players like Cummins and Steve Smith have been on top of the rankings because of this. People may say’Jason Roy is useless’ but what about the bowlers I am facing? I don’t want to get too downhearted because I know that the bowlers we are facing at the moment are as good as any you will face in Test cricket.
However, if you’re a batsman for England, poor isn’t good enough, you have to be the best you can be, the best about, that is what we all want. That’s the reason precisely exactly why we have been successful as a unit because everybody would like to better themselves as well as the best in the world, be happy with only an OK series and nobody wishes to settle.
Rory Burns was a wonderful example of that at the Test side. He has stayed level for the whole time up to now and he has worked really hard, nothing seems to faze him. For him to develop to a series such as this and drama as well as he’s, if a handful people aren’t doing as well as we should be doing, is quite pleasing to see, particularly because he’s someone I’ve known for a lot of decades.
Rory will want to go large in this final match and really establish a point. He deserves it and that I understand he will be working hard for that.
I said I needed a Spurs shirt and they have been generous and sent to me! I am now a Tottenham fan so she was happy also, and the tiny one had been in her shirt this afternoon. This is a surprise but I’ll wait to find some runs and a win at The Oval, and then I can ask for a few treats!
See day one of the fifth Test between Australia and England in 10am, Thursday on Sky Sports The Ashes.

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