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Japan deserve their history-making moment – Matt Dawson column

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Japan attaining the World Cup quarter-finals for the very first time is a significant step ahead for world football and we have to cherish this instant.
The Brave Blossoms victory over Scotland in Yokohama on Sunday was such an epic match.
They perform with such intensity and also their ability to deal with the ball in such pace takes an unbelievable quantity of accuracy.
In that first half, there might have been few sides able to stop Japan a few tries.
I do not think anyone will want to play with Japan, although I really dont think theyre likely to win the tournament.
I am quite pleased for everybody. Not just the group and the team, but everybody in the country.
I am happy for World Rugby. The governing body created exactly the ideal decision to wait till Typhoon Hagibis had passed to confirm the match was on.
The tournament has been top drawer – among the most exciting World Cups, although not the most exciting ever – and an wonderful event is being put on by Japan.
When there was a tiny bit of raw emotion coming out during the win over Scotland in the players, I would not be shocked, and perhaps individually a great deal of the media coverage hurt them this past week.
The attention of a sudden was whether the championship would be recalled.
I found it crazy that folks tried to belittle the enormity of what went on. The truth is people who have unfortunately died and been hurt in a disaster and that takes precedence over any type of game or game.
It is a sport of rugby, get over yourselves and concentrate on whats important.
Canadas game against Namibia was called off Sunday morning because of safety concerns, however, the players were not whinging and moaning.
They helped in Kamaishi with the recovery efforts did something about this.
Sometimes in sport, due to the enormity of it and the commerciality all, we slightly put ahead of ourselves.
Japan deserve it on and off the pitch to be in the knockout stages.
It might have taken a monumental amount of effort from your players to convince themselves on when they had been sat in the midst of a typhoon, Sundays game will be.
The passion and emotion at the match was heightened because the press are requesting them questions that were constant, their friends at home are askinghave you heard, is it is it off .
Youre going to be toldright, let us focus like the match will be about. But we are planning to get the sport to be on, if it changes alright.
It ought to be a huge inspiration for countless people as a country have held themselves, watching the way Japan.
They have the infrastructure and ability to repair things quickly after a typhoon. You can imagine all of Yokohama and Tokyo pulling together and sayingwere likely to do whatever is necessary to make sure when the world is seeing, we are likely to send.
Japan provides South Africa a run for their money in the quarter-finals since they play with a unique style. Not the All Blacks perform at a few.
The way that they transition to wide out of short-side is phenomenal. They receive the ball out quite quickly from plenty of different circumstances and run on to the ball at speed.
If youve got Kotaro Matsushima and Kenki Fukuoka on the wing its quite difficult to stop. They are just electrical, not only in how they finish their attempts but with their support lines as well as the footwork from the forwards, the likes of Isileli Nakajima coming on and picking up the intensity up front.
The players have been oozing confidence. The series conducted . He understood where his group were assumed to play and where the opposition were feeble.
Japan are creating their very own unique kind of rugby that is very hard to play against, however, it takes a monumental amount of fitness and thats probably why they looked a tiny bit tired at that previous 15-20 minutes Sunday.
Theyre likely to need to rest up and get rehabbed and ready .
Japan getting from the quarter-final mix is the story of this championship so far, but at this stage there is an upset.
We remember when Japan shocked South Africa in the pool stage at 2015, however, the Springboks were fairly bad and Japan capitalised about a mean performance from their opposition.
I dont think because it is Test matches after that match against 24, South Africa will get rid of this time.
Well-rested and on great form, South Africa will most likely be a bit too strong.
I can not see New Zealand losing against Ireland but its hard to call Wales versus England and France against Australia.
The Wallabies are to play at this championship but have lots in their locker and England, after not playing for 2 weeks since their swimming pool decider against France had been cancelled, may be captured a tiny bit cold.
It is quite catchy if you havent been engaged for two weeks. England have a real tough ask to get up to match speed straight away.
You do a lot of things in coaching but you have gone through the prep as well as that whole mental preparation.
It is knockout rugby so everything is at stake.
The referees will be under more pressure, theyll be slightly nervous, so the players will probably be a tiny bit nervous and will the coaches.
What decisions will be produced? What will the atmosphere be like? Who is going to feel as though theyre playing in your home? Which are the match requirements and the pitch going to be like?
There are mitigating circumstances as to whether you lose or win.
It will not only be as straightforward as saying itll be Wales v South Africa and England v New Zealand from the semi-finals – I think there will be an upset before then.
There are noifs orbuts here, we must take the World Cup.
It is not likely to be a ride, there will be hiccups along the way, but if we want to move rugby into a truly international game and continue on to make it great, were going to have to take action.
Japan have got more of the infrastructure and capability to maintain a planet tournament than someplace.
Why are we not considering taking it to Canada or Argentina? Or even the USA? Give it. Now weve had a go at Asia, why not we try in Europe? Perhaps take it.
Let us totally knock it out of the park by creating some huge decisions that are long-term choices for the game, such as World Rugby failed 10 decades ago if they gave it to Japan.
This ought to be the beginning, the stepping stone to badly ramping up it.
Matt Dawson was talking to BBC Sports Alex Bysouth.
Japan World Cup success over Scotland to reach exactly the quarter-finals for the first time is.
After their World Cup match against Namibia on Sunday is called off due to safety concerns, canada players assist with recovery efforts in Kamaishi.
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