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Harry Winks says watching on as England progressed to tournament semi-finals was tough

Harry Winks admits it has been difficult to see around as England reached the semi-finals of successive finals.
The Tottenham midfielder dropped out on the rush into the previous four of the 2018 World Cup prior to getting healthy and starring at a 3-2 Nations League win against Spain last season.
Fitness issues followed closely – even though beginning Tottenham’s Champions League final defeat – England manager Gareth Southgate chose not to include the 23-year-old in his Nations League finals group in June.
But after beginning the season back at the Spurs side, Winks was recalled to the England squad for the European Qualifiers against Kosovo and Bulgaria.
“Yes, I spoke to the gaffer the week before the [Champions League] closing,” he replied when asked if he understood why he had been left from this Nations League squad.
“He phoned me and gave me his own views. I admire the conclusion of the gaffer, I had been out for a couple weeks after a surgery and he needed to name the squad prior to the Champions League [final].
“So I completely understand his thinking. With Tottenham – to find fit, my thinking was at that instant in time, to get from that Champions League team.
“Then clearly afterwards it might have been an honor to go with England, but for different reasons I completely know why the gaffer did that. I admire his decision.
“It’s always tricky to see any football you are a part of if you are unfamiliar – particularly the World Cup.
“First and foremost I had been an England fan, I wanted us to do this well, but it is everybody’s dream to play to their states, so to get missed that was tough.
“And also to miss out of this Nations League has been tough. But that’s football. People today make decisions and it is a part and parcel of moving on.
“We have got the Euros to look forward to, so I can stay healthy and perform a part in that.”

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