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Harry Kane is an ‘incredible example’ to England’s young players, says Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate explained Harry Kane within an”incredible case” to England’s young players after his hat-trick inspired them to a 4-0 win over Bulgaria.
Kane started the scoring from Raheem Sterling’s cut-back in the first half before netting two second-half penalties since England continued their best start qualifying.
He was taken by the Spurs striker’s hat-trick in 40 appearances for England to 25, earning praise from his manager, that hailed the professionalism and work-rate of Kane within his press conference and placing him over World Cup-winner Sir Geoff Hurst in the charts.
“We stood and watched him accept penalties for approximately 20 minutes yesterday and once you see the process he goes through, he just gives himself every prospect of success by that deliberate practice,” said Southgate.
“For a kid to be able to watch what he does, being able study him and watch his professionalism and the way he works in his game, it’s an extraordinary example.
“In case you may be confident about the seat if a punishment is provided, then we are as certain as we potentially could be.
“You are aware there is always a possibility that even the very outstanding [penalty] can be spared, but in these moments he really has a supreme character and strategy.”
Kane had a hand in the next target of England, intercepting a Bulgaria pass and providing the cross for Sterling to convert from close variety.
“He works so difficult for the team and will be more than delighted to fall in to areas to leave room for other people and play moves to other people,” added Southgate.
“But when he gets his second, then he simply has a great mindset and, technicallyhe’s a top, top finisher.
“But I go back to the fact that’s hours and hours of practice and should you talk to a number of the other forward in the group, they would talk to you about how large an impression which has had on them and how that they practice if they go back to their own clubs.
“Because sometimes it is possible to get involved in finishing practices which can be a bit half-hearted or not as concentrated as they could be, but he is on it each moment. That’s where you receive the move into the match.”
Asked how it felt to overtake Hurst in the scoring charts, Kane stated:”Whenever things like that happens it is almost always a proud moment for me and it shows the hard work I’m putting in is paying off.
“Hopefully I can continue scoring goals for many years to come. Whenever I place an England shirt onto it to try and score and help the group and thankfully now it went well for me personally.
“When I’m playing with gamers such as Raz (Raheem Sterling) and (Marcus) Rashford, they will create numerous chances, they’re so great in one-v-ones, they are going to win penalties, therefore I have got to create sure I am ready for the opportunities that come my way.”
Among those young players Southgate hopes Kane’s sway will rub off is 20-year-old Mason Mount, that came off the bench for his England debut.
“It’s a dream to make your England introduction, you wait quite a while for this minute,” he explained. “You dream about this occurring. It’s definitely a proud moment for my loved ones and me, although it is a slim likelihood that it happens. It happened so fast, it’s just like a blur!
“I wasn’t overly nervous. I was excited to get on the pitch. I adored every minute of it. I have loved every moment, although it has been a crazy couple of months, it’s happened to this instant. I am enjoying learning daily, learning so much from the seniors.”

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