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Harry Kane: England striker takes up to ’50 penalties’ a practice session

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Practice makes perfect.
By easing Bulgaria 4-0 to maintain their grip at the top of Group 23,, england strolled
The 3 Lions were helped also a Harry Kane hat-trick, two of which came from the penalty spot and by Raheem Sterling’s aim.
The Tottenham striker has transformed nine since the start of the 2017-18 season, so is it he hits on the back of the internet?
“I work quite a bit on it,” Kane told BBC Radio 5 Live. “The staff we have and the skill set we have, I think we are going to get quite a lot of penalties at global level.
“We did on Friday with some of the lads for about 20 minutes or half an hourmaking sure I felt great over it and luckily I put them away today.”
He added:”I always go with my feeling – it may be 10, it could be 50, it depends upon how I feel on the day. We’ve got such explosive, skilful players therefore we’re always going to have penalties.”
There was little doubt, when Kane stepped up to the place against Bulgaria.
Both were unstoppable strikes into the corner of each side of the net, together using goalkeeper Plamen Iliev.
Kane’s conversion rate of 90% is far much better compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s scored 13 out of 15 penalties in the past few years and Lionel Messi, with a lowly rate of 66.7percent with missed four of his 12 efforts.
England manager Gareth Southgate told BBC Radio 5 Live:”He was nominated for a good 20 minutes on Friday and using all the process that he goes through you are so confident he is going to connect well and he makes it tough to understand for the goalkeeper where he is going to put it.
“Of course there will always be a second if a goalkeeper makes an excellent rescue, but you’re as certain as you can be because of his deliberate exercise.
“He is a great example for any young kid”
But it is a former Tottenham team-mate who leads the way as the striker from the penalty spot:
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