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Game of Thrones Ultimate Props Page

Excitement for the Game of Thrones year 8 is in a fever pitch and with that we have seen the launch of a myriad of betting props for one of the most popular TV shows from the background of this medium (speaking of mediums, there are loads of Bran props, too).
More and more we’re seeing an interest in entertainment gambling, as witnessed by events like the Oscars, WrestleMania, Survivor and The Bachelor. It stands to reason, then, a worldwide phenomenon such as Game of Thrones will spawn lots of props.
Besides our Who Will Rule and Who Can Die Next pages, BetOnline has released individual situational and character props. Let’s get right to them:
Can Tyrion endure the final season?
Yes -350
No +225
Who will perish?
Jon Snow -300
Bran Stark +200
Who will expire?
Arya Stark -230
Sansa Stark +160
Which Stark Will Die?
Arya -175
Sansa +135
Bran +600
First Character into Perish at the Final Episode
Daenerys Targaryen -400
Grey Worm +250
Tyrion Lannister +500
Arya Stark +600
Drogon +800
Brienne +1000
Davos +1000
Jon Snow +1400
Sansa Stark +1400
Gendry +2000
Bran Stark +2500
Samwell Tarly +2500

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