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FA technical director Les Reed: Gareth Southgate wants to win with England

The technical director Les Reed, made to triumph Dan Ashworth of the Football Association, believes England are in touching distance of attaining something below Gareth Southgate — a first key trophy since 1966.
Here prior to taking up the role in the FA, Reed, who had been vice-chairman of Southampton, talks with Sky Sports News reporter Rob Dorsett concerning his function and coming into St Mary’s ahead of England’s European Qualifier from Kosovo.
Back in Southampton together with the England team, that has to be quite a moment?
Yes very much so, fantastic. That I know everyone although it was a tiny bit eerie going back into the training ground on the day. They are folks and they were excited to have England there training, and they are facilities that are excellent and we have had great comments from the boys.
I was a tiny bit worried about what they believed but everybody’s really appreciated it so it’s helped to become more relaxed and it is a nice place.
Gareth Southgate talked about it might help and he states you get a atmosphere that is different, is?
Yeah, I think we have to balance off the business element of owning all those people dedicated in terms of fans going to games and also Wembley and Wembley.
I was together with the England team when [Wembley] was being knocked down so we moved to Old Trafford, St James’ Park, we travelled into quite a few places and it will help a lot in terms of engagement with the lovers taking it around the country.
It’s getting the balance right. It has been a excellent practice to do it this moment Together with the Euros being a kind of house tournament but not very.
You have been FA Technical Director before. It has changed from 17 decades ago?
Howard Wilkinson was the very first ever Technical Director therefore we had been growing a thing from scratch then. So that it was about planning and excited about the future it was individuals, we did not possess St George’s Park.
As soon as I return it had been enormous, there was 300 employees in the technical department all of the way through para blind groups.
We need our teams to get the quality, the criteria. They all are currently playing world championships and European championships and also St George’s Park is a fantastic bonus to bring all this together. It would have been impossible before.
My remit is actually across all of those teams but also all the support services that go with this, sports, science, sports medicine, talent identification and a gigantic coach education department that delivers coaching from the grassroots all the way through the expert license through the technical manager’s licence.
It’s a significant problem with a great deal of employees and I am only getting to know a number of them, surely not them all. It’s been really exciting, very, very different where everything is sort of logical.
It is kind of around the fixture calendar along with the transfer window but every day in this job can differ, so this week I’m outside on camp with the seniors a week we had the FIFA Technical Managers’ conference at St George’s Park, using 28 Technical Directors from around Europe that we hosted, which again was a fantastic adventure, learning how they do it elsewhere.
It’s much bigger but it will give us the opportunity to be at the leading edge and push things.
Your role demonstrated it’s necessary and has had success.
Over these two weeks we’ve had the seniors preparing to their off games of the women, followed by U18s women and the U19s we had the teams in during the groundwork with the team.
It was like a club, so we’d the youth teams inside, the coaches out of the academy in a really, really excellent feeling, and it is something the strategy for St George’s Park would be, and that is the cover of the academy platform which is really now beginning to deliver quality from the sport.
Since the pool of players is becoming bigger, it is a very enjoyable time, we have got players such as Jadon [Sancho] going out to Germany and getting that kind of experience that can only be helpful for international football.
Is that pool of talent too heavy as it’s ever been?
I think that it’s profound so it does transcend the age groups all. We have experienced the’golden generation’, we have had those pockets of one particular age group of talented players but also the job that is performed in academies along with the gradual development and of the growth of St George’s Park along with the structure, and the England DNA, now we have depth.
The swimming pool is larger because it is deeper and it is wider. But obviously there are only so many places at global level.
Mason Mount, unfortunately Aaron Wan-Bissaka had to go home hurt, and discover that transition much easier. They are relaxed, when they step in, they are cool.
So the issue is matched with minutes on the pitch, they get a certain amount of respect because they’re playing against the older players each week. So that’s the next job for us will be to get them more moments to the pitch.
If the senior guys of England do not win a trophy do you exude your tenure for a failure?
I wouldn’t deem it a loser because I believe we’ve got an chance to win a 24, but I’d be disappointed. We got close in the world Cup, we learnt a lot of lessons from that, I think the journey into the semi-final was great for us.
I believe that it wasn’t anticipated that we’d go that way but it is a positive that people did. The players who underwent that are with us and we’ve got players who have won tournaments before.
We talk a lot about instructing players to acquire, the pathway is about teaching them to win, the federal team is all about winning, why do it?
We think there’s a really, very talented group of players that have got an opportunity to mature over the duration of the next European Championship leading into the next World Cup and about the women’s side they have completed the exact same, they’ve experienced the semi-final, they’ve qualified for the Olympics, they’re quite excited about that.
So the opportunities are there. Folks would assess if my biography was a failure if we do not win it, but personally that’s what I have set out to try and achieve.
My job will be to locate those extra inches, the marginal gains which so often get said to take from semi-finalists, to finalists, to winners, so Gareth and Phil [Neville], particularly at the senior end, can focus on picking the proper teams, getting the tactics right and winning those matches.
We don’t want any excuses that it was anything that stopped us doing it. My occupation will be to oil the system to allow it to operate.
Is Gareth Southgate the coach in world football in your opinion?
I believe that the thing with Gareth is he has set a profile for what the national team trainer needs to be like for a role model. So you’ve said there, he understands the pathway.
He was the U21 trainer when he first came in accountable for this particular pathway for its elite 22, but he was also. So Gareth’s got knowledge of the players on the pathway which is exactly what you need from your global manager.
Previously we have had great supervisors, they have won Champions Leagues, they’ve won the Premier League, they have won tournaments, but as club managers and a gap is there.
Gareth’s own pathway to this function is a major advantage, since today we have got the profile, we’ve got the perfect individual, that which we must do today is make certain that is the profile of coach we are developing for the future.
Could you be confident you may persuade him to stay if there arrived a Premier League club in?
Definitely. It will be a tough ask depending upon what he was offered. But I understand Gareth’s mindset right now is that he would like to be a England manager that wins something, wants to be.
I believe of being the next England boss to carry us to some World Cup 18, the attraction is a pull and I think by doing his stock is not going to return he understands that.
Clearly it’s something which we’ve in the back of our minds all the time but I understand that Gareth’s motivation is using this team and developing this group. It’d depend on what arrived but I believe in the second Gareth’s only focus is to win games.
Youneeded a good deal of roles and’ve been in football a long time. . Have any been as exciting?
I believe it’s a job that gives an opportunity to bring that experience to the table on lots of different histories, from coach education from the team so I’ve been lucky to have a career to me.
As one of my staff said yesterday, you have read a lot of books and noticed a great deal of movies. I think {I will bring that to the desk and it does excite me because it is so different|I can bring it to the table since it is so different and it will excite me|I can bring that to the desk since {

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