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Best Online Sportsbook Bonuses

5Dimes is among the very first online sportsbooks having been in business since 1999. Although they’ve been around quite a very long time, you will surely notice their outdated port and site. If you can check past the aesthetic, you are going to determine that the website is one of the better online sportsbooks available.

5Dimes offers a 50% new player bonus. If you are a newcomer to the site and deposit $100 to $400 you may get a 50% play rewardup to a total of 200. If your deposit exceeds $400 and is up to $2,000 you qualify for 5Dimes’ additional 20% free play reward. As an instance, if you deposit $100 your free play will complete $50. But if you deposit $2,000 that your 50% free play will be 200 (the max) and the 20% reward will be an additional $320, for a total of $520.

While the new player bonus sounds great, and it is, there’s a 10x rollover requirement that’s required before you being able to cash out. To put it differently, if you deposit $100, get an additional $50 in the new player bonus, you’ll need to wager $150 x 10 or $1,500 to meet 5Dimes’ rollover requirement.

5Dimes also has two money back reward options: around 20% cash back benefit, and 10% EXTRA cash reward.

With the very first, 5Dimes utilizes the following formula to calculate your cash back reward: new deposits for the period — redemptions for the period — current & pending balance — gathered winnings from preceding periods X lien percent = money back award. You can opt to take a 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% percentage.

To redeem the additional 10%, you’ll want to earn a reload deposit in 24-hours of your previous cash back reward and you will get an EXTRA 10% cash reward immediately with no rollover requirements.

5Dimes provides you with different choices to breaking up your account balance. Including credit card deposits, person to person money transfers, cashier’s check, money order, DCFA, CCFA, Bitcoin, bank wire, and sportsbook and account transfers. With the exception of person to person money transfer and money order, 5Dimes states that each of the other withdrawal methods have no fees.

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