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Auston Matthews Betting Props: Was Game 1 a Fluke?

Auston Matthews, the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2016, made an emphatic debut with the Maple Leafs by scoring four goals against the Ottawa Senators — the most anyone has ever scored in their NHL debut. His first few goals actually arrived on his first three shots, if this gives you some indication of how good this child really is.
BetOnline has set up a variety of proposal bets for Matthews’ second game and for the remainder of the 2016-17 season and I’ve outlined some of my favorites in this article.
Will Auston Matthews score a Goal Saturday vs the Bruins?
The affordable response when someone snaps in their very first match is that it’s”beginner’s luck” or just a mad roll of the dice but that this kid is legit. Obviously, he’s not likely to score 328 goals — that’s what he is on pace for — but he’s going to score a great deal. Boston allowed three goals to the Columbus Blue Jackets in their first game so you have to think the Leafs pop a few too. BetOnline is supplying +165 chances for the American youngster to get a minumum of one target Saturday.
Can Auston Matthews Score a Goal Saturday vs the Bruins?
Curious as of October 14 at BetOnline Yes +165
No -240
Can Auston Matthews set a stage Saturday vs the Bruins?
At -105 worth this is really a no-brainer. Matthews could lead his team in points this year and that I see no reason why he doesn’t get in on a goal Saturday.
Can Auston Matthews record a point Saturday vs the Bruins?
Curious as of October 14 in BetOnline Yes -105
No -135
Just how Many Hat tricks will Matthews score in the 2016-17 regular season?
The entire line for this bet is set at 1.5 significance Matthews needs to record only one more hat trick to cash the OVER on this bet. I am definitely a realist but come on, Matthews scores four in his first NHL game and you expect me not to hammer the OVER here at +150? Sorry, I really don’t have that type of restraint. The new hope of this Toronto Maple Leafs has 81 more games to achieve the feat and also the way goals are being scored in the wee hours of the year? He could score five hat tricks.

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